Senin, 31 Desember 2007

Rosie O'Donnell is Annoyed That She's Thought of As Annoying

rosieRosie O'Donnell is pissed because she made a "Best" list for 2007. The talk show host is bothered that according to a new poll featured in Parade magazine that found half of Americans surveyed named her the most annoying person of 2007. Paris Hilton come in a distant second.

The former talk show host is so upset about her dubious distinction, that she's made a video and posted it on her website. Proving to us why she was in fact named annoying, she came out with this comment:

"I apparently am the most annoying celebrity, according to Parade magazine. And, frankly, most celebrities are annoying. So, I agree. Celebrities are annoying and the fact that I am one is annoying. And I suppose I am the most annoying. But whatever. Why? Cuz I'm loud. Some people don't like me. Barbra Streisand likes me!"

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