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Katie Holmes at the Costume Designers Guild Awards

Katie Holmes and her helmet hair made an appearance at the Costume Designers Guild Awards on Tuesday night. She presented the "Swarovski President’s Award" to her husband's partner, Paula Wagner. Wagner is the CEO of United Artists and Cruise is a producer and actor for the studio. We were wondering if Katie just slouchy when she appeared at the premiere of her flop Mad Money looking like she either was in the beginning stages of pregnancy or had bad posture. She stood up straight for her solo appearance last night and had a perfectly flat stomach.

The Daily Mail said that Katie has "spearheaded a return to old Hollywood glamour," but a commentor retorted that "I don't recall the old dames of Hollywood a) looking like a skeleton on tranquillizers, or b) showing off their girdle underneath the dress."

It is a lovely dress, though. I love the rhinestone detail on the front and the cut is gorgeous. It's easier to focus on Katie's fashion when Tom isn't around. I still don't like her. She stepped into her Stepford wife role a little too well. You have to give her credit for it though, she really knows what she's doing.

That reminds me - one of the Scientology cults most vocal critics has just "committed suicide". Not that it has anything to do with Katie Holmes and her charmed life.

The Osbournes threaten to kick Heather Mills at the BRIT awards

Leave it to Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne to keep things classy. The couple, who are scheduled to host tonight's BRIT awards, have threated to kick Heather Mills off the stage and out of the theater if she dares to show up. And Mills has mentioned that she's thinking of attending. Normally I like to tell the Osbournes to shut the hell up, but in this case it is absolutely alright. Ozzy will be will presenting Sir Paul with the Lifetime Achievement Award. I wouldn't put it past Heather Mills to show up, just to reign on Paul's parade.

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne have threatened to kick Heather Mills off stage if she shows up at tomorrow's BRIT Awards. The couple, who are hosting the event, say Heather - the estranged wife Sir Paul McCartney - would not be welcome at the London ceremony.

Speaking about the rumors Heather is planning to attend the prestigious bash, Sharon said: "I would boot her off. I think she's a miserable old cow." Ozzy - who will present Paul with the BRITs Lifetime Achievement Award - added: "I'm looking forward to seeing Paul McCartney - he's my hero. The body of work he's got is just unbelievable. But I really don't want to be there if Heather shows up. Never mind McCartney having a go - I think the audience will string her up."

"Sharon and I have met them both her on a few occasions but if Paul doesn't know her, I'm f***ed if I do. She's f***ing nuts."

[From Expo Say]

Normally I'd say Ozzy Osbourne calling someone else “f**ing nuts” is quite the case of the pot calling the kettle black. But in this case it's absolutely true and one hundred percent appropriate. And while it's not exactly classy for awards show hosts to threaten to kick guests off the stage, in this case the Osbournes are just saying what the rest of us are thinking. Part of me absolutely hopes Heather Mills shows up, because you know the Osbournes would throw down. That Sharon has a mouth on her, but she's good at the follow through. I don't really think Ozzy is coordinated enough to do anything, but he can slur menacingly like no other. Please God let there be some kind of physical altercation. I bet you anything Sharon would go right for the leg. I'm not saying that's okay I'm just saying that if I were a betting woman, that's why I'd put my cash.

Header image of Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne leaving BBC Radio One studios after promoting the Brit Awards. Splash notes “Ozzy is said to be performing a duet with Sir Paul McCartney.” Images thanks to Splash. Below is Heather Mills leaving day 8 of her divorce hearing on Monday. Images thanks to PR Photos.

No settlement was reached in the Mills McCartney divorced, judge to decide

We were all too ready to believe the Daily Mail's story that Heather Mills had sauntered away from Friday's court hearing with a cool $108 million settlement. She didn't exactly have a poker face on as left the courtroom in one of her bizarre velvet power suits, opting for sandal-like open-toed shoes for the second day in a row. $108 million is a sweet settlement for just four years of marriage, and you would believe that McCartney would throw it at the harpy just to get this business over with. He's said to be worth about $1.6 billion dollars, so $108 million is just 6.75% if my math is right. It's a shit load of money to pay to a woman who has been smearing your name in the press, but it's still way less then half your net worth. When you're talking numbers that large though it's not like either party is going to suffer.

Like a lot of the stories that originate in the British press that Heather Mills bitches about constantly, that one was false, though. Paul's lawyer announced today outside of court that no settlement has been reached and that it is now up to the judge to decide how much Heather gets for fucking Sir Paul for a short period of time before making his life miserable. It is expected to take several weeks for the judge to work out.

It's not like we're going to know how much she gets to keep throwing parties and jet setting around for the rest of her life, the amount will not be made public unless Mills contests it or decides to tell us. We'll have to make due with whatever number the British press wants to make up, just like in the past.

It is expected that Heather Mils will leave England once she gets her cash. Her father said she is considering France or the US, and the unreliable Daily Mail reported that she wanted to move to the Czech Republic or Poland. A lot of Brits are saying "Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out," while residents of the countries named where she may move are crossing their fingers that she picks somewhere else to go.


Has Amy Winehouse fallen off the wagon? Plus sudden buxomness explained

Everyone was wondering how Amy Winehouse so suddenly got curvaceous in rehab. An amazingly good bra? Was she actually at a rehab/cosmetic surgery clinic? Was she using the old 12-year-old trick and stuffing tissue paper down her bra? It turns out the answer has more to do with chicken than anything else. Or rather, chicken cutlets. You know those ridiculous breast enhancers that look like raw chicken cutlets? Well goofy as they look, it appears they can do wonders, as they're responsible for Amy's newly curvaceous physique. Unfortunately, the reason everyone now knows this is that Amy absentmindedly left her chicken cutlets in the ladies washroom. But really, who amongst us hasn't?

Amy Winehouse is trying hard to stay sober, but she's still forgetful. The Grammy-winning songbird showed up at Andrew Buckler's new London boutique the other night with pal Kelly Osbourne and her new sober companion, Blake Wood, and left a few things in the bathroom. "She left a pair of boob enhancers — like chicken cutlet things to push up your boobs — and some hair extensions in the toilet," our spy said. Later, Winehouse and Wood went to his apartment with a group of people who "were all getting drunk — except for them."

[From Page Six]

Unfortunately later the same day Page Six revised their story, reporting that Amy had been spotted out drinking – and they even have a photo of her with a Becks beer. They mentioned again that she'd been camping out at a London hotel with friends until last Friday, when the group went out to a pub in Shoreditch until 2:30 in the morning. However they said, “The 24-year-old clung to a beer, even in the car home” and there is a photo of her holding a Becks. The innocent, naive, wishful part of me is hoping that um she's just holding it for a friend? Once in a while a friend does need you to hold their beer, right? No? This makes me sad. I know that some alcohol rehabilitation programs do teach that you don't have to completely abstain, but I'm pretty sure most of them agree you have to completely abstain at this point in the process. I cannot believe that her “sober companion” would let her go to a bar. I have no idea how the companion system works, but holy cow. Clearly it didn't work well in Amy's case.

Here's Amy returning to her Camden home flanked by security. Images thanks to Splash.

Is Minnie Driver pregnant?

TV, film and recording star Minnie Driver was recently spotted exiting a clinic in Los Angeles, looking at sonogram images and acting very excited. This got the rumor mill buzzing: is she pregnant? Minnie, who is currently on hiatus from the excellent FX show "The Riches," keeps a very low profile and has not confirmed or denied the pregnancy rumor. But if it's true, who's the daddy?

Actress Minnie Driver is reportedly pregnant with her first child.

The 38-year-old was spotted outside a Los Angeles baby clinic looking at sonogram images with a friend last week.

A source said: "She is absolutely thrilled. She has always wanted to be a mother, she'll be fantastic. Her family are so pleased."

The British star also called her boyfriend, known only as Matthew, outside the surgery and talked about "getting blood work done".

She then added to her pal: "Matthew tells me I should be quiet so no-one hears me."

[From Stuff.co.nz]

Since being very publicly dumped by "Good Will Hunting" co-star Matt Damon over ten years ago, Minnie has kept her private life under wraps. She was engaged to "No Country For Old Men" star Josh Brolin for a while, but they broke up amid rumors that Brolin's stepmom, Barbra Streisand, didn't approve of Minnie. Since then, she's been linked to Criss Angel (ew!) and "Gross Pointe Blank" co-star John Cusack. All she's revealed about her current boyfriend is that he is "not famous and he's Australian," according to an interview in Girl magazine.

TMZ currently has a video posted of Minnie walking in Los Angeles wearing a loose fitting poncho, but there aren't many other recent photos of her, so it's impossible for me to tell if she's pregnant. If she is, congratulations to her and her mystery man.

PICTURE NOTE BY CELEBITCHY: Minnie is shown out in NY on 2/19/08, thanks to Splash News. Props to A Socialite's Life for reporting on this rumor a couple of weeks ago with an exclusive from insiders.

Avril Lavigne does some baby shopping

Avril Lavigne must truly be one of the most disliked celebrities on the internet. She has famously gone to war against several bloggers and spit on members of the paparazzi. Not the best way to make friends in the media. As a result, Avril has received a lot of bad press and is generally known more for her surly attitude than her singing. Though she has toned it down a bit since she got married to Deryck Whibley a few years ago, she still seems to be pretty widely disliked. News of a possible Lavigne/Whibley child hasn't brought the singer any kinder handling in the press. Though she and her publicist have denied a pregnancy, there's plenty of evidence that Avril is in fact toasting a bun in the oven.

The 23-year-old pop star and husband Deryck Whibley, 27, have been dogged by rumors recently that they’re expecting their first baby. And they didn’t do much to squash the pregnancy talk during a shopping trip yesterday along trendy Robertson Boulevard. Lavigne and Whibley, who have been married since July 2006, were spotted dropping into Petit Trésor and then Lisa Kline Kids, where they spent about $500 on baby gear.

I’m told they picked up a cheetah-print diaper bag at Lisa Kline, along with a Sassy pacifier holder, a charcoal gray baby tee emblazoned with the logo of rock band AC/DC and a white Splendid romper. “They shopped holding hands and picked stuff out together,” an onlooker reports. At Petit Trésor, according to a source, they picked up a Petunia Pickle Bottom men's diaper bag and two organic Robbie Adrian baby blankets.

[From E!]

A Petunia Pickle Bottom men's diaper bag? Men need their own diaper bags? I know baby stuff can look kind of effeminate, but isn't that just part of the package? I would really love to see what a “manly” diaper bag would look like. I'm guessing it has lumberjacks and big chunks of meat on it or something. But I digress. That seems like a bit more stuff than you'd normally buy for a pregnant friend. And nothing says “Avril Lavigne's Baby” like an AC/DC baby tee. Always classy. Actually I think the whole rocker/rebel baby thing is kind of cute, when done in small amounts. Now Online also reports that Avril was spotted shopping at Kitson For Kids too. That's a whole lot of small clothing. Avril is pretty tiny, but I doubt she's fitting into a Splendid romper anytime soon. I would say the traditional “Congrats to the happy couple,” but with someone like Avril Lavigne, she's probably apt to punch me in the eye for it.

Avril Lavigne and her husband Deryck Whibley shopping at baby stores on Robertson Boulevard. Images thanks to WENN.

Where is Nicole Kidman?s tummy?

For five months along, Nicole Kidman sure is doing a good job of hiding her growing stomach. Especially because it seems from these pictures that she's not trying to hide it at all. Nicole is supposedly five months along. I am no pregnancy expert, but I had no idea a person could have such a small stomach at that point. That's what J-Lo looked like 48 hours after conception. I have don't know what's going on here, but something is fishy. Nicole was out and about promoting her film “The Golden Compass” in Japan. Depending on who you believe, the film supposedly promotes atheism.

“These books denigrate Christianity, thrash the Catholic Church and sell the virtues of atheism,” asserted [Bill Donohue, president and CEO] of Catholic League, who earlier this month called on Christians to boycott the movie.”

[From the Christian Post]

Interestingly, Nicole said that both of her children, who are being raised as Scientologists by ex-husband Tom Cruise, have seen the film. One would think this could cause quite the parental skirmish between the former spouses. Though Scientologists aren't Christians, many say that the film promotes atheism on the whole. However it should also be mentioned that Nicole has said she considers herself Catholic, and yet she starred in the film.

In the story, a malevolent governing body called "the Church,” which answers to the "Vatican Council," is known to kidnap children for experimentation. With the help of a golden compass that reveals a coded answer to any question asked by the user, Lyra, by the trilogy’s end, gets to the bottom of the missing children and kills a character called “God.”

[From the Christian Post]

“The Golden Compass” sounds very interested and complicated – surprisingly so for a children's movie. Nicole said both her kids have seen it, and she's glad to make a kid's movie once in a while.

During the press conference, the five-month pregnant star revealed she had deliberately chosen The Golden Compass script because it's child-friendly.

She said: "My Bella and Connor are 13 and 15. So they have seen the film and they loved it my child inside won't see the film for a long time."

"But I think once you have children you want to balance the work you do because they give up so much of you to your work. So occasionally you want to make films that they can take their friends to, they can go to the premiere of, that they celebrate.”

[From the Daily Mail]

I can't help but wonder how much Nicole runs by Tom and visa versa. I would love to know what went on behind closed doors in terms of Connor and Isabella's religious upbringing. Since her divorce, Nicole has gently said that she considers Scientology to be hogwash, and always did. Her father is a very prominent Australian psychologist, and Scientologists are famously opposed to psychiatry. However her kids were obviously already being raised as such, so whether due to Tom's insistence or Nicole's acquiescence, their kids still go to Scientology camp every summer. It's hard not to wonder if “The Golden Compass” got them thinking. Reading about it has gotten me thinking too. Though I'm still mostly thinking about Nicole Kidman's confusing lack of visible stomach.

Nicole Kidman is shown at a press conference for The Golden Compass in Tokyo yesterday.

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Scarlett Johansson calls the gossip press ?scary,? ?invasive,? and ?gross?

Scarlett Johansson and Natalie Portman are in Berlin promoting their upcoming film "The Other Boleyn Girl," a trashy re-interpretation of the court of Henry VIII. Scarlett and Natalie play sisters Mary and Anne Boleyn, who connive and deceive in order to win the heart of the fat king. I read the book for a book club and although it was probably only mildly historically accurate it was a rolicking good read. There were parts where I felt guilty for reading it because it was so trashy, but that doesn't seem to deter me from devouring the gossip rags every week.

Johansson compared the gossip magazines to the sex and debauchery that were going on in Henry VII's court and said that she tries to keep her life separate from the "circus" that goes along with being famous:

She told a packed press conference after the premiere of "The Other Boleyn Girl" at the Berlin Film Festival that being hounded by paparazzi and having her personal life splashed across celebrity magazines was a high price to pay to make films.

"That's very scary to me and invasive and gross. But that kind of intrigue and frenzy, I guess, could be related to the court in some way -- and the rumours and the gossip and this frenetic, frantic energy that goes into the celebrity culture," she said.

"But would I ever leave because I couldn't take it? I would hope that I would never allow that to affect my professional life. I try not to live in the court, so to speak, and try to separate my private life from this circus."

[From News.Yahoo.com]

Natalie Portman talked about the film in more intellectual terms saying that "Human emotion doesn't change and I think that's one of the hard things for us to imagine is how history might have been sexy and gossipy and scandalous."

It's not so hard to imagine history becoming scandalous. That was a trashy romantic gossip novel disguised as historical fiction. I mean, it wasn't even a mid-brow read.

Eric Bana, who also stars in the film, says that everyone got along on set when he was asked about it, and that "I hate to break it to you but actors generally do really love each other."

Scarlet Johansson said that "you can't be selfish as an actor," and that you're not working alone.

It's a bit ironic that these women are playing in a film that sensationalizes history, but are complaining about how we do that now. It probably was incredibly contentious in Henry VII's court considering how many wives he went through and had beheaded, but you also can't deny that there's a lot of intrigue and things going on now in Hollywood to gossip about.

Johansson knows that if she wants to keep her private life to herself she needs to stay out of the hot spots and she seems to do a pretty good job at that. In that way, she's staying away from "the court," where a lot of people get gawked at and talked about.

Scarlett Johansson, Eric Bana, Natalie Portman, and Justin Chadwick are shown in a photo call today for "The Other Boleyn Girl," thanks to WENN. I really like Natalie Portman's hair. It has grown out to be very soft and natural-looking.

Adnan getting comped by Ed Hardy to wear his clothes everywhere

On January 28, Britney was photographed in her boyfriend, paparazzo Adnan Ghalib's car, with an Ed Hardy designed air freshener and an Ed Hardy energy drink sitting in the cup holder. Adnan is usually seen out in Hardy's distinctively designed clothing, featuring big old skulls and roses in swirly patterns reminisicent of tattoos. I'm not a fan of Hardy's clothing, partially because I find it garish, but also since he seems to stick his name all over everything in big scrawling letters as if his style isn't recognizable enough on it's own. Hardy is also a large contributor to the Kabbalah cult, which many people say could explain why Madonna was often seen wearing his scary-looking creations.

In Touch suggests in this week's magazine that Adnan is getting free swag from the Ed Hardy company, and offer a photo of his phone showing a text message from an employee at the company. They quote a supposed insider who says "Adnan is a total freeloader. He doesn't pay for most of the clothes he wears. They're given to him on the provision that he wears them when he's with her [Britney]."

It sounds like a cheap price to pay for free advertising. Lohan was also said to have struck a deal with the Arriva tabacco cessation company to carry their product around and get photographed with it, although she hasn't been seen out with it lately that I can tell. You wonder what other kind of backroom deals celebrities and their hangers-on are making for product placement in paparazzi photos. It seems like Adnan must be getting some kind of cash for wearing those clothes, but maybe I'm too influenced by the fact that I wouldn't be caught out in it unless someone paid me. I'd rather wear a $15 plain t-shirt from Target.

Thanks to WENN for these photos from 1/28/08.

Lindsay Lohan?s dad says she?s taking same drugs as Heath was

Lindsay Lohan talked about Heath Ledger in the New Yorker magazine interview that accompanies her topless tribute to Marilyn Monroe. We covered this story earlier today, but here's a recap: Lohan called Marilyn's suicide tragic and then said "You know, it’s also tragic what just recently happened to someone else." When the journalist said Heath's name she shook her head yes and "hey are both prime examples of what this industry can do to someone But I sure as hell wouldn’t let it happen to me."

Despite the fact that Lohan annoys the hell out of me, I hope she moves to somewhere far away without paparazzi or tanning spray facilities and stops spending money so she can live adequitely (spelling deliberate) outside of the spotlight. I certainly wouldn't want her to meet a tragic end unless it involves personal bankruptcy and not death. Her father says that the latter is a possibility, considering that she is now, or has at some time, taken many of the same prescription drugs as Heath Ledger was went he died. It sounds like their whole family has the same inflated sense of self importance as their orange daughter:

When Heath died, he was taking some of the same medications that Lindsay Lohan has been prescribed, says her dad, Michael Lohan. "Even before Heath's death, I told Lindsay that I'm very concerned about the pills she's taking. Doctors had Lindsay on Oxycontin when she broke her wrist. They also had her on Adderall for ADD, Xanax for depression and anxiety and Ambien for insomnia. Although Lindsay, 21, has told Michael, "Don't worry, Dad, I'm okay," he believes that doctors are overmedicating young stars. "I'm not only fearful for Lindsay, but for all the other kids out there Most of these young people shouldn't be on some of these medications - instead, they should get spiritual guidance, counseling and exercise. These new drugs get into their bones and bloodstreams and they have to detox to get off them or they can have seizures or possibly die."

[From In Touch, print edition, February 25, 2008]

Leave it to Michael Lohan to make Heath Ledger's death about his daughter. At least he has some experience in the field, now that he's working at a faith-based rehab. He also kept the proselytizing to a minimum, you have to give him credit for just saying "spiritual guidance" instead of name-dropping God and/or His Only Son.

I was confused about the "drugs get into their bones" comment, and asked my husband about it. He's a scientist and works in the pharmaceutical industry and he told me that drugs can conceivably get into the bones because there are blood vessels there. It terms of detox you would be more worried about drugs getting trapped in fatty tissue, though, not in your bones, even with someone as skinny as Lohan.

Michael Lohan is shown with Lindsay in Cirque Lodge rehab last year.

Victoria and David Beckham secretly renew their marriage vows

Victoria and David Beckham seem to have one of those rare celebrity marriage that appears to be pretty stable. Though the two have weathered a few storms (accusations have occasionally popped up regarding David's possible cheating on Victoria) all and all they seem to be pretty solid. This could be because they have a lot in common – an intense passion for shopping and acquiring “stuff,” sticking their names on various perfumes, buying houses, and being seen at trendy events. I didn't say it was a deep relationship. But it seems to work pretty well for them. The Mirror and The Daily Mail are reporting that their relationship is stronger than ever, and the pair secretly renewed their wedding vows.

David and Victoria Beckham have secretly retaken their marriage vows - and got matching tattoos to celebrate the romantic occasion. Only a handful of friends and family were invited to watch them remarry in the grounds of Beckingham Palace. One said: "We were in tears. It was beautiful and very non-showbiz." The couple marked the big day by tattooing the ceremony date on their wrists in Roman numerals.

Romantic David Beckham arranged his secret second wedding to Victoria without even telling her - springing the surprise on the big day itself. He flew her to their sumptuous Beckingham Palace estate then went on one knee to pop the question for a second time. Stunned Posh gasped: "Yes!" - and the couple were soon retaking their vows attended by sons Brooklyn and Romeo as page boys and watched by a handful of close friends and family.

He organised the ceremony and secretly invited a handful of close friends and family. He even had a beautiful white dress made in Posh's size. A friend said: "David was meticulously planning the big day for months. It was a huge undertaking to keep it all under wraps. He was desperately excited but had had to keep quiet with everyone but his and Victoria's closest family.

[From The Mirror]

The Mirror reports that they took a second honeymoon together in Paris, and David took Victoria shopping at her two favorite stores, Azzedine Alaia and Colette. He told her to pick out whatever she wanted as a second-wedding gift. While that's really sweet, I think what's more special is all the work and thought David put into it. A guy planning a whole quasi-wedding ceremony on his own? And managing to keep it a secret from his wife? That's a pretty big deal, and it sounds like Beckham put a lot of care and thought into trying to make it as special as possible.

A lot of people think it's tacky to renew vows, since a couple already had a wedding and all. Frankly I think that - considering how many marriages end in divorce or fall into a state of unhappiness – there's much worse things than celebrating your successful union, and loving your spouse so much that you want to do it all over again. It sounds like this was a very thoughtful tribute to their relationship and the life they've created together.

Paris Hilton leaves fart sound phone messages for Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan tried to offer an olive branch to Paris Hilton, leaving her nice phone messages in her 55 year-old heavy smoker's voice. Lohan said she wanted to make peace with Paris after their longstanding feud over swapping Greek shipping heirs back and forth, re-infecting each other with various strains of communicable diseases.

Instead of ignoring Lohan or maybe sending her a text or voice message back saying all that was stagnant water under the bridge, Paris did the mature thing - and had her assistant leave fart sound messages on Lindsay's voice mail:

Lindsay Lohan tried to make peace with Paris, leaving voice mails explaining that she wanted to call a truce.

But Paris refused to call back. Finally, she responded in her usually classy way.

"She had her assistant call Lindsay and leave fart sounds on her voice mail," a close source told The Enquirer.

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, February 25, 2008]

Paris Hilton is such a nice, caring, responsible person. She even takes in countless animals and gives them a loving home outside the chi chi pet shops where they were confined in misery before she swooped them up for a life of luxury as her living accessories.

After Paris told Ellen DeGeneres on her show on Monday that she had a whopping 17 dogs, the Los Angeles Department of Animal Services paid a visit to her home. It is illegal to have more than three dogs in the city of Los Angeles without a breeder's permit. There was no one at Paris' place and it was under construction. The animals weren't there either, though, they have their own nannies and pet whisperers, which seems like a much better existence than having to wait like last year's Balenciaga bag for Paris to pick you to accompany her to an event.

Header image is an older one of Paris and Lindsay. The image below of Paris dressed like her dog is from July of last year.

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Big Brother?s Adam under fire for on-air autism slur

The U.S. version of the reality show "Big Brother" is under fire today after one of the show's contestants, Adam Jasinski, referred to people with autism as 'retards' during a nationally aired episode Tuesday night.

On the show, a contestant named Adam, who said he works for an autism foundation, said he would spend his winnings on a hair salon for people with developmental disabilities "so retards can get it together and get their hair done." The Web site for the show describes him as a 29-year-old public relations manager from Del Ray Beach, Fla.

His remark shocked his partner, Sheila, who replied, "Don't call them that."

Adam responded by saying, "Disabled kids. I can call them whatever I want. I work with them all day, OK?"

[From NY Daily News]

In response, John Gilmore, the director of Autism United has issued a letter to CBS executives demanding an apology for the remark and has asked that the show be canceled, or at the very least, the contestant who made the slur be removed from the show.

In episode 2, Jasinski describes his plans to open a hair styling business catering to people with autism who he refers to as "retards."

We believe that Jasinski's [sic] should be terminated immediately, and that the show should be canceled. Further, we expect an apology to people with autism, developmental disabilities and their families from Jasinski, Big Brother and CBS and National Amusements. While Jasinski's comment displayed gross ignorance, the producers of the show chose to use his comments to further the show's storyline. This displays a conscience choice on their part to demean and hurt a large group of people to further their own commercial goals.

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I think it's safe to say that this contestant will not have a job waiting for him after this show is over. Working with disabled people doesn't give anyone the right to call them names. I think if Don Imus got fired for his racial slur, this clown should get the boot from "Big Brother" over his equally insensitive slur. I don't know what the show's producers were thinking broadcasting that comment- except that maybe all this controversy will make people watch the show. I can tell you this- I don't watch it, and if this Adam guy is a reflection of the contestants on this show, I will never watch it.

Note by Celebitchy: When I first read this article, I did some research and initially suspected that Adam was personally responsible for the controversy over his on-air slur. It seems he's started a group called "The United Autism Foundation" to make people vote for him on Big Brother and think he's this great guy. Mindless Mommy mentioned that the domain was just registered and that the fact that it focuses primarily on this Adam douche without much other content make it obvious that he's behind it.

The group that is criticizing Adam, "Autism United," does seem legitimate though. It has a similar name to Adam's front charity, but it's distinct with its own purpose and doesn't seem to have any affiliation with him.

How ironic that this guy who created a fake autism charity to further his own purposes managed to sabotage himself by putting down the very group he claimed would benefit if he won "Big Brother." He can certainly "call them whatever [he] wants" but we, in turn, can call him an asshole and a bigot.

Bai Ling says she shoplifted because of a bad breakup

Bai Ling is one of the few people I hate more than Paris Hilton. In fact if you tossed Paris, Britney, and Lindsay into a sack, threw that sack in an industrial sized blender, and then baked whatever came out of that blender in the oven, you would have Bai Ling. I have no idea what this woman claims to do for a living – I know there's some vague thought that she's an actress, but for the life of me I can't remember seeing her in anything. What she seems to do for a living is show up to every event on either coast dressed in the most asinine, ridiculous, slutty outfit known to man, and then warble some incoherent gibberish. Bai got arrested the other day for shoplifting two magazines and two packs of AAA batteries from one of those crappy travel stores at LAX before her Southwest flight. Her explanation? Bad breakup. Honey, if the rest of us thought that was a legitimate excuse to commit crimes, 50% of the world would be grabbing fistfuls of Skittles from grocery stores twice a year.

She was dealing with the "huge problem of breaking up [before] Valentine's Day" when she was arrested for shoplifting, Ling said, adding, simply, "Wrong boyfriend."

Damon Elliott, a close pal of Ling's, says she was definitely not herself yesterday. "She was kind of in a mentally unstable state of mind yesterday," he tells E! News. "She had some relationship issues going on. She wasn't in the right frame of mind."

Ling added several prosaic postings to her personal blog later in the afternoon—none mentioned her arrest but all could theoretically be attributed to someone who's nursing a broken heart. An entry posted at 4:43 p.m.: "Delayed the flight, [wandering] again in the airport like a ghost, why can't I just be the sun smile?" it read. "Life is a sad song sometime but still sings the beauty for their loved ones"

"She was very spacey and that was pretty much what happened," Elliott said. "She was distracted and had a lot of things going on."

[From E! News]

I don't know Bai, why can't you just be the sun smile? Has anyone ever tested this woman to see what kind of medication/illegal drugs/mental illness issues she's got? I'm guessing it's a complicated mixture of all three. Look, breaking up with someone sucks, but when you're an adult, it doesn't make a big difference that it's close to Valentine's Day. That's not the thing that pushes you over the edge from handling your breakup like a rational person to stealing $16 of crap from an airport convenience store.

Things really aren't going well for Bai Ling. There's the breakup, the arrest, the shame but what I'm most worried about is someone who's supposedly famous taking a Southwest flight? That costs all of $72 each way. And on top of that, she's still so broke that she had to shoplift batteries? Maybe it's time she stop dressing like a clock or a frog at public events and spend a little more time working.

Bai Ling's greatest hits. Images thanks to PR Photos.

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