Rabu, 26 Desember 2007

Beckham 'starstruck' by Stevie Wonder (AFP)

LONDON (AFP) - David Beckham said on Tuesday he was "starstruck" when he met Stevie Wonder, and told his wife that he wanted to take a picture with the music legend.

The England national soccer star told BBC Radio that he was also left in awe by Nelson Mandela and Muhammad Ali, and added that Wonders 1972 hit "Superstition" was his favourite song.

After explaining his music selection, Beckham said that when he met blind singer Wonder, "He turned round to me and said, it was quite funny, he said: If you could teach me to play football, then youd be some player. You know, those sort of moments you cherish."

"Its quite embarrassing because I was like turning round to (wife) Victoria and saying: I really want a picture but I cant ask him."

Victoria Beckham -- "Posh" in the Spice Girls -- eventually had to ask for the photograph.

"I still get very starstruck by many people that we still meet," the LA Galaxy midfielder said, adding that Ali and Mandela had that effect on him.

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