Jumat, 07 Desember 2007

Britney Blackmails Paris With Lesbian Canoodling Video

Britney ParisBritney Spears is reportedly threatening to leak a new Paris Hilton sex tape unless Paris stops snubbed Brit and her pals. The trainwreck sent the heiress a letter warning her that the video - which shows Paris in a lesbian romp with one of Britney's friends - would hit the innertubes unless her attitude changed. "The letter warns Paris that if she continues being rude to people, the footage will be leaked online," says an insider.

The former friends are said to have fallen out at Britney's birthday party on the weekend after Paris snubbed her.

But Paris isn't taking the threat seriously.

"It's obvious Britney and her bratty pals are being silly. Paris laughed when she got the letter and said it was c--p," a source close to Hilton said.

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