Rabu, 26 Desember 2007

Christina Aquilera Buys Osbourne Mansion: She Loves the Kitchen

christina and jordanPop superstar Christina Aguilera jumped at the chance to buy Ozzy Osbourne's Los Angeles mansion. The Beautiful singer rarely missed an episode of reality hit 'The Osbournes', and admits she couldn't wait for family scenes in the kitchen.

She says, "I used to look at the kitchen on that show, and they could hang out in that little sitting area. It looked really cosy."

And the singer was thrilled to find the space was exactly as she'd imagined it would be when she and husband Jordan Bratman moved in earlier this year.

She adds, "It's really perfect... We're still a young couple, and we want to entertain and be able to have those times, so it's a great house for all that."

Aguilera also reveals plans to turn Jack Osbourne's old bedroom into a hairdressing salon.

She explains, "That's going to be my humongo dream closet and hair and beauty salon."

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