Sabtu, 08 Desember 2007

Daniel Baldwin Warrants New Arrest Request (E! Online)

Los Angeles (E! Online) - Daniel Baldwin is a wanted man, yet again.

A no-bail bench warrant was issued for the former Homicide: Life on the Street stars arrest after he failed to show up for a Friday morning progress report hearing in Los Angeles--the second time this year a judge has set the dogs on him for skipping a court date.

His probation stemming from a drug-related bust last year has been revoked, as well, because Baldwin is reportedly in Toronto shooting a film--and as per the terms of his previous deal he isnt supposed to leave the country.

Baldwin was arrested in April 2006 at a Santa Monica motel after cops, responding to another guests 911 call, allegedly found the actor smoking cocaine. He was able to avoid jail time for misdemeanor cocaine possession and being under the influence by entering a drug-diversion program. The charges could be dismissed upon successful completion of the treatment.

At a February hearing, Baldwin attorney Grant Taylor Hoagland told a judge that his client had since passed 20 court-ordered drug tests and was doing exceptional.

Hoagland said that Baldwin had completed rehab and was in an after-care program, which still required him to attend counseling, have a sponsor and follow a 12-step program.

The actors probation officer submitted a report Friday, however, that indicated Baldwin had missed an appointment two days ago and has passed on several Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.

Earlier this year, Baldwin got it right the third time, and was let off the hook, after missing two scheduled court appearances in connection with his 2006 arrest for allegedly swiping his pals SUV.

The second-oldest Baldwin bro, who explained that he had been in Detroit working on the movie Little Red Devil when he was supposed to be in an Orange County courtroom, was eventually cleared of all charges after the owner of the vehicle chalked the incident up to a misunderstanding.

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