Jumat, 28 Desember 2007

Norway Summons Winehouse to Courthouse (E! Online)

Los Angeles (E! Online) - Theyre trying to make Amy Winehouse go to Norway, and she might not be able to say no.

The troubled chanteuse was summoned Thursday to appear in a Bergen court in connection with her appeal of the fine she and her husband paid in October after they were busted for marijuana possession.

Winehouse has said that she didnt know that, by paying $715 apiece in fines, she and Blake Fielder-Civil were basically pleading guilty to the charge.

The couple spent the night in jail following their Oct. 18 arrest at their hotel, forking over the fees the following day.

Two weeks later, their Norwegian attorney, Ole Kvelstad, said that the Bergen police made a mistake by not making a translator available to the two Brits to explain the charges, and that Winehouse was basically tricked into signing a document she didnt understand.

Authorities say otherwise but, regardless, theyre requesting a command performance.

I can confirm that she must appear in court, Bergen police spokeswoman Liv Karlsen told the Associated Press. If one appeals a conviction, its the rule that one has to appear in person, so this is not surprising.

A conviction could make it harder for her to obtain permission to enter the U.S., thereby hurting Winehouses career opportunities abroad, Kvelstad has said.

While shes been keeping her distance, the 24-year-old Rehab singers myriad troubles dont seem to have hurt her standing among the Yanks so far.

Shes been photographed looking dazed and disheveled, booed during live performances and forced to seriously curtail her schedule due to health reasons (not to mention busted for pot possession), and Fielder-Civil is in jail awaiting trial on witness-tampering and assault charges. But still Winehouse was nominated for six Grammy Awards earlier this month, including nods for Record, Song and Album of the Year.

And none of those nominations were revoked when Winehouse herself was arrested and questioned by British authorities in connection with her hubbys case. Fielder-Civil has been remanded to custody until Jan. 18, and Winehouse is scheduled to undergo more questioning in March.

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