Kamis, 27 Desember 2007

Wedding Bells For Josh Duhamel and Fergie

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


It looks like we have another celebrity wedding watch to report. According to Josh Duhamel's spokesperson, he and longtime girlfriend Stacy "Fergie" Ferguson are engaged.

And it's about time! After all, they've been going strong for three years now (longer than most Hollywood marriages last) and this pair shows no signs of weakness, despite her grueling tour schedule and his constant acting gigs.

According to an insider, Fergie and Josh have been checking into a ranch in California that is often rented for wedding ceremonies/receptions. And they're currently kicking back in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico perhaps planning their big day together?

Admittedly, tying the knot won't be a massive lifestyle change for the happy couple. Fergie has openly confessed to press, "We're practically married!" They own a $5 million house together, and during the "My Humps" singer's international touring, she picks out decorations for the pad.

Fergie told press, "We're still decorating our house, so I go shopping in the different countries [on my tour] and ship things home, and we open all the boxes together. We go running around the house like little kids, putting things in different places!"

We'll keep you up on the latest details, so stay tuned to Gossip Girls!

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