Minggu, 28 Desember 2008

Britney?s dad gets permanent control

October 29

Britney's Dad Gets Permanent Control

Just as Britney Spears seems to be back to her best – with a new single and an upcoming performance on X Factor – her father’s control over her personal and financial affairs has been made permanent.BritneySpears_Rex It means he can control what she spends her money on, who she associates with, what work she does and where she lives.

Jamie Spears was named permanent conservator of his daughter's affairs and her estate during a court hearing on October 28, with the full support of his famous daughter.

But those close to Britney say that ‘permanent’ doesn’t necessary mean her father will control her affairs forever, and that the decision was made to prove to the courts that she’s serious about her recovery. A friend told People magazine: “The conservatorship being made permanent in name is primarily to ensure increased time with her children, and provide support for her music and work goals.”

Britney’s lawyer Terry Wasserman, added: “Ms Spears can regain control of her life anytime – as long as her doctors feel she's able to manage her own affairs.”

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