Minggu, 28 Desember 2008

Jade Goody to marry?

October 22

Jade Goody To Marry

Reports today state that Jade Goody is planning to marry on-off boyfriend Jack Tweed as soon as he gets out of jail. The cancer sufferer realises her time with her boyfriend may be short, and apparently wants to make their relationship official as soon as possible.

Jade_Jack_PA The Mirror states that Jade will spend £10,000 of her own money on her engagement ring because Jack is serving 18 months for assault and isn’t due for release from Chelmsford prison in Essex until May.

The tabloid quotes a friend of the reality star as saying: “Since Jade was diagnosed she has been getting her priorities straight. She has realised that Jack is really important to her and she wants to live every moment to the full. He really wanted to buy it himself but I said he could just pay me back later, that’s absolutely fine. Otherwise I’ll have to wait.”

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