Sabtu, 26 Januari 2008

Adnan Ghalib reviewed male sex products for website (update: spam)

I think there’s a really good chance Britney Spears is only using Adnan Ghalib for his sexual prowess. It’s long been rumored that Britney is insatiable in the sack. Supposedly she wanted a threesome with K-Fed and another girl, which freaked K-Fed out – as he was worried Brit would be more into the other girl. Doesn’t speak highly of K-Fed, but whatever. Other persistent rumors are that Brit has a locked room full of costumes and sex toys. Obviously the girl needs a man that can keep up. And who better that a male enhancement product reviewer? That’s right ladies, line on up for Adnan Ghalib, who just so happens to be on the test review panel of a sex product review site. The auspicious site notes:

This site was initially started because I was tired of being bombarded with print, TV and online ads for male enhancement products. After trying a few products that I ordered online and over the phone I felt like I each one was more of a hoax than the other. So I started a little site to share my experience with many other men in the world who are in my “situation”. My “situation” involves not being too old but being overwhelmed with stress, work, poor diet, and life draining me in general. The unfortunate part is that I was being drained where it hurts the most (many of you know which part that is).

[From spamming site]

I’m sorry, what part is that? I’m totally unclear. Well thank goodness this sex pioneer rounded up 12 of the best horny guys out there and probably did all sorts of wacky things to their junk. And the always upstanding Adnan Ghalib just happens to be the third test reviewer on the website. Here’s Adnan’s bio (which also features a stunningly sexy headshot featuring is crazy facial hair).

Name: Adnan G.
Age: 28
Current Occupation: Filmmaker
Tell Us a Little Something About Yourself: I work in "the" industry in Los Angeles and I know many of my friends use these products. Thought this would be an interesting opportunity to reveal the truth to many men worldwide.

[From spamming site]

You know Adnan and all his fertile sexiness can’t be constrained to a mere sex product review site. The internet can’t hold all that hotness. Thank God Britney Spears is hornier than the entire internet, and has taken Adnan on. Unfortunately there’s no way to tell which products Adnan personally tested and reviewed, but we’re going to assume it’s the “Big Kahuna,” “Scent of Eros,” and the “Arouser” – which features an odd drawing of vegetables on the label. Because nothing says sexy like Britney Spears and a really big squash.

Thanks to Mary and John for the tip!

UPDATE BY CELEBITCHY: These fuckers spammed all the gossip sites today with a very convincing e-mail that fooled quite a few of us, including popcrunch, Websters is My Bitch, and Daily Stab. Here's the e-mail they sent out to all of us:

My husband and I are a big fan of your site, even though he hates to admit it . Recently he did reveal his true gossip queen side. He showed me an interesting thing he found on a site that he asked me to confirm. The site is called (site name removed) and it has britney's paparazzi boyfriend adnan as one of its product reviewers. Maybe this was something that he was doing on the side before he got all the media attention? I always thought that he was a sell-out, but this is going to a whole new level. Was he or is he still really a test monkey for a male enhancement review site? I wonder how much they paid him? Is there any way that you can verify wether it is true or not?

Here is the link to where his info is:
(link removed)

I know you have a lot of e-mails to reply to, but please let me know if you find out anything more about this

P.S.- My husband was really excited when he found out that I was going to email you about this because he feels like he is contributing to the gossip community.

Mary & John

I think I speak for all of us when I say: well played, you assholes.

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