Rabu, 30 Januari 2008

Becks starts a Boyzillian trend

It seems that once people came to grips with David Beckham's billboard bulge - or gave gripping it some thought - they noticed something else besides the bulge: his personal grooming habits. Becks had what is called a Boyzillian, the male equivalent of the brazillian bikini wax. Otherwise known as the classic back, crack and sack. Google this if you're still unsure, I'm not sure I can explain it without being gross.

Becks had some smooth thighs and a distinctive lack of hair in those ads, and it seems that he's started another must-have hair craze.

Kim Lawless, who calls herself the Wax Queen, runs the Brazilia Waxing Studio in Upminster, east London, and specialises in intimate waxing for both sexes. "But most of my clients are men," she said, adding that most of them were straight. "They come from every walk of life and profession - accountants, stockbrokers, teachers, boxers, models - but I've noticed that a lot of my clients are in the building trade."

Business is booming. "A year ago I was doing three men a week. Now I am doing three men a day," she said. "I don't know why it has suddenly become more popular, but when people come in they do mention David Beckham. Now that celebrities like him are open about waxing, it makes other men feel more comfortable about it."


Before you decide that a little manscaping is a good idea, let me warn you. It really, really does hurt. Friends of mine claim it hurts more than getting a tattoo (although it is over with quicker) and a few claim it hurts worse than childbirth. In the interests of research I'll be sending my husband to confirm this for me.

What makes my mind boggle is not the fact that people follow celebrity fashion trends, but who would even notice David's public hair, or lack of it? That didn't seem to be the dominant feature in the poster.

In the article, beautician Amanda says that while the women scream a lot more than men, she thinks that might just be a case of 'male bravado'. I can't get over the fact that anyone would pursue a beauty treatment that involves screaming. And pay between �40 and �60 for the privilege.

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