Jumat, 04 Januari 2008

Britney Spears Speeds Through Deposition

Thursday, January 03, 2008


Well, Kevin Federline's lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, finally got what he wanted from Britney Spears kind of.

The "Gimme More" singer showed up at his office earlier today, 90 minutes late for the (fifth) rescheduled deposition session. And not long after she arrived, Brit left.

On paparazzo asked Kaplan if he got all the information he was looking for. He glibly replied, "In 14 minutes? I would've preferred it had gone on longer."

And apparently the troubled singer wasn't too thrilled with how she was treated. When asked if Kaplan was nice to her, she shouted, "NO!"

The intense deposition could have gone many different ways. According to a legal expert, "A deposition can be emotionally draining, because Kevin's lawyer can ask very personal questions about her relationship with her kids - and she'll be under oath."

It is believed that Kaplan asked the "Piece of Me" singer detailed questions about her history of drug use, and her lack of modesty in the presence of her sons Jayden James and Sean Preston.

While Kaplan is well within his legal rights to seek a sanction against Britney for being late, it is unclear whether or not he will. However, there is reportedly another deposition scheduled, though its date is not being disclosed at this time.

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Below are recently released legal documents in the Britney Spears custody case, along with shots of Britney arriving to her deposition (January 3).

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