Kamis, 03 Januari 2008

Lindsay Lohan Falls Off the Wagon

Thursday, January 03, 2008


When she goes to her next AA meeting, Lindsay Lohan will have a lot to talk about - as the Mean Girls starlet went back to the bottle over her New Years holiday in Capri.

"After being handed a champagne bottle while on a dance floor in Italy on New Year's Eve and drinking from it, the good news is that Lindsay stopped herself, called her sponsor, and got herself back on track," Lohan's lawyer, Blair Berk, told People magazine.

Berk continued, "There is no magic cure here. The most unfortunate part of this is that Lindsay has to share her 'one day at a time' with the entire world."

Lindsay has been staying in Capri for the small Italian island's annual film festival, where she was honored for her "contribution to cinema".

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Enjoy the pictures of LiLo getting friendly with Dario, one of her Italian suitors.

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