Kamis, 03 Januari 2008

Microsoft prepares two Windows security updates (InfoWorld)

San Francisco - Microsoft plans to issue two security updates for its Windows operating system products next Tuesday as part of its regular software patch cycle.

The updates were pre-announced Thursday morning on Microsofts Web site in order to give IT staffers a sense of how busy they will be next week installing the patches.

One of the updates is considered critical for Windows Vista and XP users because the flaw it fixes could be used by attackers to install unauthorized software on a victims computer. This update is rated important for Windows Server 2003 users and considered moderate for Windows 2000 users.

The second update, rated important for all Windows users, could allow an attacker to run software with a higher level of privilege on a system than would normally be allowed.

Microsoft did not provide any technical details on the updates.

With just two updates scheduled, January will be a light month by Microsofts standards. In 2007 the company shipped 69 software updates, an average of just under six per month.

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