Jumat, 04 Januari 2008

Paris Hilton Reaches Out To Britney Spears

Friday, January 04, 2008


Though she may not be the most likely person to help Britney Spears pull herself out of the current funk she finds herself in, Paris Hilton has reportedly sent her best wishes to the troubled singer.

The "Simple Life" starlet was spotted out at Teddy's bar in Hollywood, California last night, and upon her exit, she had a message for the "Gimme More" singer.

Paris said she was "hoping (Britney) will get better, get some help, and do better in 2008." She then flashed her trademark "Zoolander" face and hit the road.

However, given the earlier Gossip Girls report of Hilton's own late night antics, and the fact that she was spotted bumping and grinding on Spears' ex husband Kevin Federline, it may be unlikely that Brit will take Paris' words to heart.

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Enjoy the pictures of Paris and brother Barron out at Teddy's last night (January 3).

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