Kamis, 07 Februari 2008

Heidi Montag blinks, shrugs, purses fake lips, says ?gee you care about me?

The Hills reality star and plastic surgery aficionado Heidi Montag's first music video premiered earlier this week and it was universally panned. It really was incredibly awful, and included shots of the plastic blond frolicking in the ocean in a clinging white garment, rolling in the sand, climbing on some rocks and opening her mouth wide to lipsynch while gesturing awkwardly. And that was just the visuals. The song was nearly intolerable and featured her god-awful remastered voice over a tune as cacophonous and unoriginal as Heidi herself.

People Magazine made a special post noting how overwhelmingly negative the comments were about Montag's new video, which was filmed by her equally mocked on-screen fianc, Spencer Pratt, and she handled it in stride. She said that it must take oh so much effort to criticize her, and while she tried to make a dig at all the anonymous people typing away behind computers screens by focusing on the work involved in writing whole sentences, she only managed to make herself sound dumb:

Although some PEOPLE.com readers called “Higher” the “worst video ever,” and said her voice sounds like a “chipmunk,” Montag recorded the following message on the gossip site PerezHilton.com:

“I appreciate people taking time to write any kind of comment. Do you know how much effort it really takes to sit down and write a comment? I’ve never written a comment in my entire life… you really have to have a lot of passion and thought to write any comment, so thank you.”

[From People.com]

Maybe Heidi is impaired by the fact that she doesn't have a lot of experience with computers, but it really doesn't take much effort or thought to write a comment if you're a quick typer. If she came across as clever at all, I would think that she was trying to be sarcastic and say that the comments were effortless and reactive on the part of the people that criticized her, I know a lot of the work I do comes out that way, but no, I think she was trying to be serious. She's trying to say that it takes work to write comments so at least we're paying attention to her. We're wasting our energy by doing that, Heidi is saying, but she's only making it sound like typing and thinking don't come easily for her.

The best part of this story is Spencer Pratt's comment, and again I would think that he's being obnoxious, but considering that he's the one responsible for this atrocious video, we can probably take him at his word.

Heidi’s former fiancĂ© Spencer Pratt, who shot the “Higher” video, had his own theory as to why it got the reaction it did.

“She’s so beautiful and she’s an unbelievable singer,” he says. “The quality of music and the music video has never been seen before.”

Here's that video again, the likes of which "has never been seen before," according to Pratt. Are they pulling our legs? Even if they're not, they should save face and claim they were.

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