Selasa, 05 Februari 2008

Heather Mills Thinks She?s a Lawyer

That Heather Mills- she's just so talented! Not only does she lend her considerable charm, grace and credibility to such organizations as Vegetarians International Voice for Animals (VIVA), but now she is also starting what I'm sure will be a brilliant career as a lawyer. Mills dropped her legal counsel in her divorce war against Paul McCartney, and is not only representing herself in a hearing against her estranged husband next week, but also plans on suing her former firm for giving her 'bad legal advice.' This is the same firm used by Princess Diana in her divorce from Prince Charles.

Heather Mills is set to sue her former divorce lawyers for bad advice - even though she already owes them �2million in fees.

The latest legal action comes as Ms Mills prepares to go face-to-face with her estranged husband Sir Paul McCartney for a dramatic five-day divorce hearing that will decide how much she receives from his estimated �825 million fortune.

Ms. Mills, 40, will represent herself at the High Court hearing, which begins on Monday, having split from her divorce lawyers Mishcon de Reya. Insolvency lawyers at Mishcons are now pursuing Ms. Mills for almost 20 months of unpaid bills and are expected to launch a legal action in the next two weeks.

A source close to Ms. Mills told the Evening Standard: "There is a possibility of Heather Mills counter-suing. Whatever she owes Mishcons - whether it's �1 million or �2 million - one would have expected her to get something for it and one fails to see what they [Mishcons] got her. There has been no divorce settlement and no outcome over all this time so draw your own conclusion as to the service she received from Mishcons."

[From From This is London UK]

I like the way Heather thinks. There's been no divorce settlement, and no agreement by Paul's lawyers over her extravagant and delusional demands, so surely its her lawyer's fault, not hers! Her ex-law firm has fought back against Heather's claim they poorly advised her, saying that she never followed their suggestions in the first place.

Sources said the firm will defend the advice it gave Ms Mills and suggested lawyers were frustrated that she often refused to take the legal advice given.

The slur will raise eyebrows as Ms Mills was being represented by Anthony Julius, the Mishcon litigator who also handled Princess Diana's divorce from Prince Charles and whose wife died from cancer in October.

Mishcons has now put the matter into the hands of its head of insolvency.

A source at Mishcons said today: "We expect a claim to go in against Ms Mills in the next few weeks."

The former spouses are scheduled to face off in court next week, and sources say that neither side has come anywhere close to agreeing on a settlement. Early in the separation, Paul reportedly offered Heather �15 million, which she refused. I'm wiling to be that amount looks pretty good to her now.


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