Rabu, 13 Februari 2008

Paris Hilton celebrates her 27th birthday; thinks it?s her 7th birthday

Oh my God, oh m God, oh my God. Do you remember that day in third grade when that loser girl came to class dressed up in what she thought was her new awesome outfit but was in fact the ugliest, tackiest thing you’d ever seen? And you couldn’t wait for recess so you and your friends could make fun of her behind her back? Okay I wasn’t actually the kid making fun, I was more likely the kid in the awesome hot pink spandex that everyone else was making fun of. But I am waaaaaaaay cooler now, so oh my God, oh my God, oh my God look at what Paris Hilton is wearing!

Paris was out and about celebrating her upcoming 27th birthday party at Area nightclub on Friday night in what can only be described as a concussion-induced fashion choice. I know no one wants to get older, and 27 means you’re a real adult, which is incredibly scary. You can knock off a year or two when you lie about your age, but no way can you knock off 20 years, like Paris seems to be attempting here.

Wearing a tiara, patterned multi-coloured tights and a mint green strapless mini-dress, the starlet, who turns 27 on February 17, was barely recognisable when she arrived at an LA club last night.

And the bizarre get-up didn't stop there. Paris even had hot-pink hair extensions to match her sparkly pink bag and shoes.

After receiving presents and cards the celebutante danced the night away in the garb which in no resembles her usual sleek style of dress.

[From the Daily Mail]

She looks exactly like my Princess Sparkle My Little Pony. In fact that’d be a big step up for Paris, because Princess Sparkle had this really uncomfortable looking plastic bed with hard plastic sheets. It did a good job of keeping Princess Sparkle’s pants on… might do the same thing for Paris Hilton. And that’d be a birthday present for us all. Paris was able to pull her outfit together with some stunning, glitter-encrusted stilettos. You know what’s never a good idea? Drawing attention to your feet when they’re a size 13. Nothing draws the eye downward like glitter shoes. Or looking at Paris Hilton’s face.

Pictures thanks to WENN.

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