Kamis, 21 Februari 2008

No settlement was reached in the Mills McCartney divorced, judge to decide

We were all too ready to believe the Daily Mail's story that Heather Mills had sauntered away from Friday's court hearing with a cool $108 million settlement. She didn't exactly have a poker face on as left the courtroom in one of her bizarre velvet power suits, opting for sandal-like open-toed shoes for the second day in a row. $108 million is a sweet settlement for just four years of marriage, and you would believe that McCartney would throw it at the harpy just to get this business over with. He's said to be worth about $1.6 billion dollars, so $108 million is just 6.75% if my math is right. It's a shit load of money to pay to a woman who has been smearing your name in the press, but it's still way less then half your net worth. When you're talking numbers that large though it's not like either party is going to suffer.

Like a lot of the stories that originate in the British press that Heather Mills bitches about constantly, that one was false, though. Paul's lawyer announced today outside of court that no settlement has been reached and that it is now up to the judge to decide how much Heather gets for fucking Sir Paul for a short period of time before making his life miserable. It is expected to take several weeks for the judge to work out.

It's not like we're going to know how much she gets to keep throwing parties and jet setting around for the rest of her life, the amount will not be made public unless Mills contests it or decides to tell us. We'll have to make due with whatever number the British press wants to make up, just like in the past.

It is expected that Heather Mils will leave England once she gets her cash. Her father said she is considering France or the US, and the unreliable Daily Mail reported that she wanted to move to the Czech Republic or Poland. A lot of Brits are saying "Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out," while residents of the countries named where she may move are crossing their fingers that she picks somewhere else to go.


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