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Jordan?s Ex-nanny Says She?s ?No Mom of the Year?

The former nanny to Katie Price (aka Jordan) and Peter Andre's children, Becky Gauld, has a few things to say about the reality show couple. If you watch their dreadful show, you know that in the season finale last year, Becky was fired from her job as caretaker to Katie and Peter's two sons because she took a holiday against Katie's wishes. Since then, Becky has taken the pair to court for wrongful termination and won. Now, she's going to the tabloids and telling them that Jordan isn't the devoted mom she appears to be on TV.

Becky, 25, stormed: "Their life is very different to the one on TV. The reality is she's selfish and self-centred - and NOT the perfect mum.

"If viewers had seen what I saw off-camera they'd be astounded. The only thing they do as a family is photoshoots."

In the revealing interview she tells how Jordan:

ALLOWED overweight thyroid disorder sufferer Harvey to eat TWENTY chicken nuggets at once - even though she'd been told by doctors he could DIE if he didn't diet.

WAS QUIZZED by SOCIAL SERVICES after the blind autistic youngster scalded himself in a bath of hot water.

TAUGHT Harvey to say "f*** off just so she and Andre could raise a laugh from their friends at a barbecue.

ASTONISHINGLY sent Becky a TEXT from her bed summoning her nanny from her cottage in the grounds of the £2.5 million mansion at 4AM because the star couldn't be bothered to get up and cope with Junior crying in a nearby room.

Becky told the paper: "When she was named Celebrity Mum Of The Year by Grattan last year I laughed.

[From The Sun]

Becky goes on to say that the 'devoted parents' routine is just that-a routine. The pair only cuddle and play with the children when the cameras are on, but when there's no one around to impress, they were all too eager to dump the kids on the nanny. Apparently, Peter likes to hang out in his recording studio, while Jordan is more worried about her beauty treatments than changing diapers. The nanny expressed particular concern for Jordan's oldest son, Harvey, who is autistic, blind, and suffers from a thyroid disorder.

Jordan has blamed her son's weight problems on him hating vegetables, saying: "The doctors told me, ‘If he doesn't go on a diet he could die'. I said, ‘I'm telling you now, he will not eat vegetables. He only wants to eat chicken nuggets or anything with potato'."

But Becky - whose interview can be seen in full at - says: "That is total rubbish, he WOULD eat vegetables - you just had to have patience and you had to hide them.

"I used to give him Bernard Matthews mini kievs and hide green beans inside. She'd seen me doing it but she knew it took PATIENCE to get him to eat them.

"Harvey's weight problems were due to his condition but she also fed him the wrong things. They would sometimes give him up to 20 packets of raisins a day."

On a holiday to Cyprus the nanny watched in horror as the couple fed him a mountain of fast food.

"In a McDonalds Peter bought him 20 chicken nuggets and chips and brought them back to the car," she said. "Then he and Katie went shopping while Harvey bolted them down.

"I didn't want him to eat them but I was not his mum. They went on holiday in America for ten days and he lost nearly a stone when I looked after him. I just gave him healthy food and exercise."

Is it true- or is it sour grapes? While Jordan has not officially responded to the story, sources say she is very upset and plans to refute these claims. Becky certainly has a motive to paint Jordan as a bad mother. It can't be easy to be fired from your job on national television- I would probably want some revenge on my employers if that's how they chose to sack me. It wouldn't be the first time a disgruntled former employee told tall tales about their boss to get even. However, Becky did win a court case against the pair, which adds a certain air of credibility to the story. And she has since found employment with another family. However, she did go running to The Sun, which means she was probably paid to tell her story.

I think Jordan's a tacky, no-talent attention-whore, but I've always given her credit as a caring mother who seems to cope well with raising a child with so many disabilities. If the nanny is telling the truth, I hope there is some kind of investigation into what's going on in that house. But with so many cameras pointed at Jordan and her kids on a daily basis, it's hard to believe that someone other than the nanny wouldn't have noticed all these things.

PICTURE NOTE BY CELEBITCHY: Thanks to DListed for these image from the January, 2006 issue of OK! Magazine.


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