Kamis, 21 Februari 2008

Has Amy Winehouse fallen off the wagon? Plus sudden buxomness explained

Everyone was wondering how Amy Winehouse so suddenly got curvaceous in rehab. An amazingly good bra? Was she actually at a rehab/cosmetic surgery clinic? Was she using the old 12-year-old trick and stuffing tissue paper down her bra? It turns out the answer has more to do with chicken than anything else. Or rather, chicken cutlets. You know those ridiculous breast enhancers that look like raw chicken cutlets? Well goofy as they look, it appears they can do wonders, as they're responsible for Amy's newly curvaceous physique. Unfortunately, the reason everyone now knows this is that Amy absentmindedly left her chicken cutlets in the ladies washroom. But really, who amongst us hasn't?

Amy Winehouse is trying hard to stay sober, but she's still forgetful. The Grammy-winning songbird showed up at Andrew Buckler's new London boutique the other night with pal Kelly Osbourne and her new sober companion, Blake Wood, and left a few things in the bathroom. "She left a pair of boob enhancers — like chicken cutlet things to push up your boobs — and some hair extensions in the toilet," our spy said. Later, Winehouse and Wood went to his apartment with a group of people who "were all getting drunk — except for them."

[From Page Six]

Unfortunately later the same day Page Six revised their story, reporting that Amy had been spotted out drinking – and they even have a photo of her with a Becks beer. They mentioned again that she'd been camping out at a London hotel with friends until last Friday, when the group went out to a pub in Shoreditch until 2:30 in the morning. However they said, “The 24-year-old clung to a beer, even in the car home” and there is a photo of her holding a Becks. The innocent, naive, wishful part of me is hoping that um she's just holding it for a friend? Once in a while a friend does need you to hold their beer, right? No? This makes me sad. I know that some alcohol rehabilitation programs do teach that you don't have to completely abstain, but I'm pretty sure most of them agree you have to completely abstain at this point in the process. I cannot believe that her “sober companion” would let her go to a bar. I have no idea how the companion system works, but holy cow. Clearly it didn't work well in Amy's case.

Here's Amy returning to her Camden home flanked by security. Images thanks to Splash.

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