Rabu, 13 Februari 2008

Paris Hilton is dating another woman named Paris (update: photos of other Paris)

If anyone can find two different people to date whose parents also thought it was a good idea to name them after a famous European city, it's Paris Hilton. She had an on-off relationship with Greek shipping heir Paris Latsis, a male, and has now reportedly found temporary love in the arms of another woman also named Paris. Not feeling guilty for calling out your own name in the throws of passion is one of the perks of picking a mate with the same first name, and for someone as vain as Paris that probably matters. Anyone who's willing to risk their health and wants to get with Paris should just tell her their name is also Paris and they're in for a moderately satisfying time, if her sex tape and bland personality are anything to go by.

The 26-year-old Hilton heiress has ignited a torrid romance with 22-year-old Paris Pickard, an aspiring film director, say sources.

The two have been seen making out at several lesbian clubs, an insider told The Enquirer.

"The relationship has been going on a little over two months, and while Paris P. would love the relationship to be exclusive, the feeling isn't mutual," says the isnider.

"The Simple Life" star has also reportedly danced close with Katherine Moennig and Daniela Sea of "The L Word" in LA - and was also reportedly caught in a lip lock with "24 star Elisha Cuthbert in NY

"Paris P feels she has a special bond with Paris Hilton, but the two women had a huge fight about fidelity, and Paris H told Paris P that she'd like to keep dating her, but that she'd have to be OK with her being very flirtatious."

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, February 18, 2008]

Paris Hilton recently confirmed that she's up for a role in the Showtime lesbian drama "The L Word," and told US Magazine that she's "in for talks" after the strike is over and is "definitely shooting it." When asked by a paparazzo about the kiss with Elisha Cuthbert, Paris said said "Elisha's like my sister, that's not true." When the photographer asked her if she's "batting for the other team," she said "no I'm not." Maybe Paris is just a pitch hitter.

There are a lot of photos of Paris Pickard on the Flickr site for a fellow photographer and filmmaker. She's gorgeous and could easily be a celebrity herself. If this story is true I wonder what she sees in Paris.

Paris Hilton is shown in her "My Little Pony" 27th birthday party outfit in the header, thanks to WENN.

UPDATE: Here are photos of Paris Pickard. There are more photos of her on the photographer's website, EvanLane.com

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