Minggu, 03 Februari 2008

Is Heath?s entire life fair game now? ?Stop digging through the dirt, weasels?

Yesterday commentors over at US Weekly were overwhelmingly critical of a new cover story about Heath Ledger's supposed past drug use. They claim to have an exclusive about how the recently-deceased up and coming A-list actor decided not to go to rehab in 2006. As if that had anything to do with his death nearly two years later, in which no illegal drugs or even alcohol was found in his apartment. Multiple sources have said that Heath only drank nonalcoholic beverages around them in the months leading up to his death, and the autopsy was inconclusive, but showed that he had pneumonia. Sources tell TMZ (who never hesitate to print negative news when they get their grubby hands on it, so this seems plausible) that preliminary toxicology reports are inconclusive and point to a natural or accidental cause of death.

Now there's supposedly a new video showing Heath snorting coke confessing to being a habitual pot smoker for 20 years while another man on the tape snorts something. It was taken on January 29, 2006, and Heath mentioned his baby daughter by name and says he's "going to get so much shit from his girlfriend." This suggests to me that it was a rare occasion when he did cocaine he was just out at a party and felt guilty about it. (Update: The NY Daily News' story about the tape clears up the misconception in Page Six's report that Heath was actually shown snorting something - he wasn't) . Entertainment Tonight and The Insider bought the video, shot at the Chateau Marmot, for $200,000. They sent a warning to other outlets not to publish it, but Page Six notes that Entertainment Tonight is still deciding whether to air it or not.

How many of us have done illegal drugs in the past, including cocaine? If you keeled over tomorrow for some other reason, how fair would it be if all people talked about was how you did drugs a few years back?

It's possible that Heath did die from some kind of drug-related cause, either prescription or illegal, but what good does it do to speculate about that just a week after he died? And how flimsy is this "evidence" from nearly two years ago? We don't have any new information about his death yet, except for testimonials and heartfelt wishes that keep pouring in from people who knew him. It just doesn't seem fair to bring this up.

There are stories that Heath had a drug problem and that Michelle wanted him to get tested before he had visits with Matilda. Those reports originated in the Daily Mail, which is notorious for making shit up entirely. It could be true, but what kind of evidence do we have other than a two year old video and some hearsay?

Thanks to commentors for pointing out that last week on "The Soup" host Joel McHale showed a picture of Heath and said "Stop digging through the dirt, weasels. A talented decent guy is gone and our thoughts go to those who knew him." Here's a link to the video.

UPDATE: Entertainment Tonight reports that they will not run the video of Heath "Out of respect for Heath Ledger's family."

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